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Ready to KICKOFF your trading journey?

I created this beginners guide to help new traders avoid the mistake that I and many others have made when we got into the space. There are so many pitfalls and traps in this industry and our goal is to ensure you start your journey on the right foot!

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Lets ensure a SMOOTH on-boarding into the market 👇


This guide will help you join the world of day trading with confidence

This 85 page Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading includes:

• How to find exchanges that fit your needs

• Multiple solutions to avoid losing a ton of money

(especially when transferring your funds between exchanges 🫠)

• The most important trading concepts and how to use them

• Secrets to develop the psychology of a professional trader

Exclusive information that separate professionals from unsuccessful traders

• How to build a strong portfolio that aligns with you


These are curated topics and themes that come from all the problems I faced as a new trader, constant trial and error throughout my journey and years of mentoring beginner traders.


"There are lots of lessons learned and best paths to be taken without the need for the pain and loss associated with self-learning. The personal coaching I received from Alexi was instrumental in getting started. He walked me though every step from converting USD to crypto, to safely moving it between block chain networks using the lowest cost conversions, to distributing it into the most exciting and well-researched projects and coins [...] Your best crypto investment will be the knowledge you gain here first."

David P.


The concepts in this guide helped one client onboard $500K into cryptocurrency

Read this guide to be able to start earning money in the crypto market!

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Hey there, I'm Lex, an ex-college athlete who made the leap into the world of day trading entrepreneurship to break free from the 9-5 grind.

I've always had that unrelenting drive and hunger for more. Picture this: I was that 7-year-old kid going door to door, peddling marbles and Pokémon cards to my neighbors.

After graduation, my obsession with the stock and crypto markets took flight when I doubled my initial $1,000 investment in less than six months. Now, for some, that might not seem like a lot, but for a fresh graduate drowning in student debt and relying on credit cards, it was a game-changer.

From there, I ventured on to co-create a million-dollar trading community and had the privilege of coaching and mentoring hundreds of eager students along the way.

Through my own experiences and those of my students, one thing became abundantly clear: there's no one-size-fits-all approach to trading. Whether you're into Elliot Wave, Smart Money concepts, patterns, or any other strategy, you can thrive in these markets. An edge is an edge, no need for rigid dogma.

Additionally, it is through this exact experience that I write this E-Book. From the hours and hours I've worked with students ranging from complete beginners, to profitable traders.

I really hope you enjoy!

Alexi Fortin-Brazeau


Email: alexifortin-brazeau@brazcapital.com

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